Birthdays Calendar, Pastel Colours

Birthdays Calendar, Pastel Colours


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Birthdays Calendar: An easy to use calendar, you can fill in all the important dates by month. You can frame it and put it somewhere you can see it so you don't miss any important date.

You can print it in A3 or A4 format.  Frames can be found at any interior decorations store like Pepco. If you have many friends and you don't want to forget a birthday, I have a nice solution: a calendar that you can frame and complete either by writing on paper or with the marker on the glass. You will say that Facebook or the reminders phone calendar take care of it, but I say that the printed version is also useful and will give you a perspective on the birthdays during the year. 

+ There is a personalized section for each month of the year.

+ Room to write dates and names, 12 lines for each month.

+ Print a new one each year.

+ Easy to laminate to re-use each year or place in a frame and add birthdays with a marker pen on the glass/plastic so you can wipe them off.

+ Available in English and Romanian language.

You will receive a single page file of the design that you can print onto the paper of your choice and as many times as you need so you can fill in a new planner for each new year. Do not commercialize this design.

The dates can be typed on the computer:

+ If you have Adobe Photoshop/ Paint / other Image Processing Program - just import the image/pdf and after you position the cursor in the right space you type the desired person/ date.

+ If you have Microsoft Word - change Page Setup from Letter/ A4 to 29,7 cm x 42 cm if you want to keep the file dimensions, - import image, choose Behind text option, resize it to fill the page, - insert text boxes without fill or line, start typing, increase line spacing if needed

+ If you have Adobe Pro DC - Chose from options Edit Document and replace the dots with your important dates. Sau În Acrobat, faceți clic pe fila Instrumente și selectați Pregătiți formular. Selectați fișierul .pdf inclus. Acrobat vă analizează documentul și adaugă automat câmpuri de formular. Adăugați noi câmpuri de formular din bara de instrumente de sus și ajustați aspectul folosind instrumentele din panoul din dreapta.

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