UrbnStyle e-Book: Trends and creativity on the streets of Romania

UrbnStyle e-Book: Trends and creativity on the streets of Romania


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After I published the digital e-book Urbnstyle: Trends and Creativity on the streets of Romania on 10 February 2019, I succeeded in publishing the printed Paperback version on 13 of April 2021.

I initiated Bucharest UrbnStyle project in September 2007 and kept it active till June 2009. This blog was a hobby, not my main activity, during that time I was working as a desktop publisher for a Romanian Magazine, the people I photographed were people I met during the day or at events that I attended. I tried to show a part of Romania with an emphasis on what was beautiful about it, people, places, events. I had faith that this could bring hope and inspiration to the people seeing them, hope that things are changing and changing for the better in our country and inspiration to be more daring and creative themselves.

For me fashion is mostly about creativity. I believe that we are all born with a degree of creativity that we can increase it during our lifetime by practicing a creative way of thinking, even in combining our clothes. For those who give it a chance, I think that fashion taste can be cultivated. There are individuals that are born with great fashion sense but most have to work for it. We all have the potential to learn, we’re simply at different levels of visual culture. It matters if you’re motivated to learn more or not. You just have to stay open, to see more, analyze more, have the courage to try more, accepting the possibility that you can make mistakes, but knowing that you will learn from them. The Internet is a valuable resource where people can access information and communicate, I'm using its power to make available photos with people of Bucharest for anyone interested in our culture.

Why I published in 2019 a book about street fashion from 2009? Fist of all, because of life and circumstances. Secondly, because I think some of the photos I made then capture a youthful spirit that lives on and although trends come and go, there’s something about fashion that doesn’t change. It would be too much to say that these people I photographed are dressed in an timeless fashion because they are not, but their look is still relevant today.

The book contains 352 color pictures with people photographed in Bucharest, Constanta, Vama Veche from September 2007 to June 2009. 

For International readers, you can buy this book only in digital format, you will receive a pdf file. 

If you want it printed and delivered to your address, you can order it from amazon.

Also available in Kindle format on Amazon.

For photos of cool dressed people in Constanta, Romania see www.urbnstyle.ro.

A preview of some pages from the book.

Short flip-through of the book.

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